AudioLDS can be purchased through the App Store application on your device or through iTunes by clicking icon below.

AudioLDS is an application that will allow you listen to the full unabridged audio of the LDS Scriptures streamed on-demand to your iPhone or iPod Touch whenever you are in WiFi, 3G, or Edge coverage areas (WiFi only for iPod Touch). The entire contents of The Book of Mormon, The Old and New Testaments, The Doctrine and Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price are available for you to listen to instantly without taking up any space on your iPhone or iPod Touch.  In continuous-play mode, you can listen to every chapter in an entire book automatically without having to touch the device in your pocket or purse.

Audio is streamed from the excellent readings of the Scriptures available from the LDS Church's website. 





  1. Bullet  Excellent narrators makes listening to the scriptures a pleasure.

  2. Bullet  Quick, intuitive interface lets you get to the desired chapter quickly.

  3. Bullet  Playback starts within seconds of selecting the desired chapter.

  4. Bullet  The audio playback can be played inside the AudioLDS program or handed-off to the built-in Quicktime Player on the device which plays in the background so you can launch certain other applications or read your email while you listen.  If Audio is played inside the program, a continuous-play feature is available to play the next chapter in a book automatically for hands-free listening.

  5. Bullet You can power-off screen during playback to save battery. 


This application is not sponsored nor endorsed by the LDS Church and the copyright holder is 2009 Intellectual Reserve, Inc.  Audio files are freely downloadable at if you wish.  This application simply makes it quick and easy to listen to the Holy Scriptures.

Screenshots for version 2.0

"Who hath ears to hear, let him hear."  Matthew 13:9